Monday, 31 December 2012


December Commission...
'Flowers Beneath The Cracks'
60 x 60cm

Autum reds, the
sound of laughter 
trickles from the 
fireplace.a warm place.
a place to take
a snooze or read a 
book or share a 
kiss.some times to 
row or cry.delicately 
strong flowers grow 
from beneath the 
flies and bugs of 
though in their 
a thorny bush there 
is still room for ratty 
of course who dances 
at midnight in this 
room with loud 
tapdancing hoes on. 
Full of colour is this 
room of magic
things.the streams 
of colour would not 
be here you see if it 
werent for the painting.

Martha Ferguson~ described the most delicious scene of delights, I just love a written virtual landscape to let my subconscious go...
She's a talented writer!

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