Friday, 28 March 2014

'Under irksome skies' 90 x 70cm

'Under irksome skies' 90 x 70cm

Winter commission for Joe Leightley, So inspiring to paint for someone I know who can give me new idea's to work with! Joe is a writer and gave me some of his poetry to work from, focusing in on certain descriptions within his writing I began, and here is the finished piece.

"slimy film.despairing cold.

"shared eye
Onward flowing now, almost always there.
Bask in worship, nature, now beaten bare"

"Time all changed upon the now seasoned sleep"

"Under irksome skies
I rise weightless and drink in the liberating pure waters
which flow bounteous from your merest glance.
lifeless ambience of our earthly pacts"

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